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Each of us will make our own choice by moving towards a personal search for well-being; made of a curated image, synonymous with a great gesture of love for one's own body, but also of an image that can not ignore the care of the state of mental and social well-being. 


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There is more to getting fit than going to the gym. Taking up a sport is a fast and fun way to boost your energy, motivation and well-being. Because sport is more unpredictable than the gym, you will test your muscles, spatial awareness, speed and strength to their limit. Without goals, sports psychologists say, boredom soon ensues and motivation dwindles.

... "Gyms are important for base fitness, but they can be quite sterile environments that some people find intimidating," ... [Dr D. Mc.Cullough Sports Psychologist at Roehampton University and Alain Stein, BTA Physiotherapist] ... "if you switch your aim to exercising in order to get fit for a particular sport, the physical and emotional benefits can be huge." ... 

Preparing for the next coronavirus pandemic

While we are unable to prevent future coronavirus spillovers, there are a number of things we can do to lessen the risk of it happening.


Global Wellness Summit  2019


To be even more coaches, real and attentive to the life of our Athletes both today on the court and tomorrow in life.



Psychological  pressure 


The social disaster identified in the "coaches violence".



Understanding learning


Lessons for learning, teaching and research in sport coached.



Isokinetis Conference 2019


Training avoiding injuries.


World Economic Forum 2019


The future of work.


Global Wellness Summit 2019


Mindful meditation benefits.


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