We aim to tell a Story, to bring that moment "alive" to you, more than an image or a fleeting moment, to capture your heart through it.

... for the later part of the "Story" we wanted the viewer to take a look inside the book "The Life, the Sport and its Stercus" and get a glimpse of "A day in the life". We represented this with a "paper cutout of a human form" watching two different monitors while paper elements appeared from behind the screen ...

For centuries, paper has been used to record and tell stories. Books and paper have become universal symbols of storytelling making it the perfect medium and today "paper" is the obvious place to store our Game Philosophy, our perception of the World.  

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Disponibile da Ottobre 2021
A book, a story ... my Story

The Door of knowing

The birth of a soul, its truth, path and evolution, discover the Story.
A book, a story ... my story

The Life, the Sport and its Stercus

Looking for people who love to explore
A book, a story ... my story

Making the invisible visible

Play smarter
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