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Basketball Training Academy - we construct our World from tiny pieces. As in real life, we depict, with great fidelity, a  multitude of details that occur simultaneously. It is impossible to identify all the “figures” and life-scenes with the naked eyes. You would need to live there to fully understand its essence, to capture the distinctive mood of each season. It is the tiny details that combine to immediately create a fascinating whole. The greatest satisfaction is to be able to make our dream come true: to shift our creativity into our greatest strength and use our personal language to communicate with others. More than defeats, we had to face many challenges, but it is precisely in the challenges that we have always found, and still find, the energy to recharge and never feel satisfied, to learn even more and reach new goals. We simply train differently.  The real “beauty” comes  from within and we really shape it. That is why we see, listen, think, create, develop. To simply offer you a place where you can perfect your game.

We have come a long way since 1980. We’ve involved and we’ll continuing to do so. Change is good, but there are some things that we’ll never let go off. Things like our identity, what we stand for and the kind of Club we’ll grow up to be. Maintaining our Culture and Values ensures we stay true to who we are and always treat each other, our guys and our community with respect. 

We don' t consider basketball a vision project towards a hypothetical future, we prefer to be focused on the present and consider it a developing constant vision.


"My story begins within. I hide, but I long to be found. And when it happens, I leap into life. I become a raging torrent of will. Those who move with me travel far without taking a single step. So when I pass reach out your hand and touch the emotion I leave in my wake. I paint new worlds in the eyes of dreamers, fantastic lands and future histories in the heart of pioneers. Splendid images that speak in any tongue. Ready to make those with the courage to grasp them, the creators of new languages. Because imagination is the only must for those who wish to change the rules."  ... Passion ...


Because knowing "how to" is nothing at all, to imagine and working with the emotions is everything. The emotions are in the details. The only way to show the emotions is to create them.

Our philosophy

Where Creativity lives

Thinking right is a skill. Like any other skill "thinking right" can be learned. We created a much more aspirational and inspirational story to tell, not just showing Players how basketball "works" but how creativity happens and how BTA can help unlock potential.

Well, you know, all we have is this moment, certain things only happen once.

The values that guide us

Although there are many principles and values that we believe in, these are the top five that influence how we live our life and the decisions that we make. These are our moral compass that guide us everyday.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that means to continuously improve for the better. We came across this philosophy by accident and it aligned perfectly to what we already believed in. The key to this principle is to always strive to be better no matter how big or small the steps that we take. Always learning, growing, and improving myself in any way we can. The idea of moving forward is always at the back of our mind.

Gaman is a Japanese philosophy that means to endure or tolerate any adversity that comes into your life. Be strong-willed and stay focused on what you're trying to accomplish. Life can be very difficult at times but this value keeps us centred knowing that the pain and hardships are just temporary and will soon pass. It is the ability to resist submission that goes against your own principles and persist until the goal is completed.

Integrity is keeping your character true to your own beliefs, moral values, or principles. We developed our own code of conduct over time through our experience with our environment. It is a big part of our identity.

One of the most important things that  we have learned in life was that the only thing we have control over is ourselves. Having the ability to find our own way and rely on our own ability to get things done is very empowering.

Empathy is the ability to understand the feeling of another. This value takes continuous practice, experience, and education to enhance but cannot be mastered. Our perception will always be one-sided so in order to solve real "problems", we also need to consider other people's perspectives.


We never talk about basketball, we talk about life. We believe basketball is life. The basketball court seems to be an extension of our life. The street of the Sport is where cultures come together, ideas grow and languages merge. We are changing the way the basketball world moves. Changing the future of basketball, especially in Italy, means daring to think differently. We plan to change the way the world thinks, see and "feels" about basketball. Be part of this future in motion. Do not become satisfied with being average, never to surrender, and never to give up on your hopes and dreams. Of course, we know it is easier said than done, and for this reason we invite you to come and visit us. We believe that words will find credit when facts will give certainty. BTA is a great step towards the basketball world. Open to all those who wish to follow a unique path on the road to success. In a complex world the ability to see ahead, navigate, and seize opportunities can seem like a gift. At BTA, everything we have lived and learned is distilled into certainty of action. Our instincts, our expertise, and our endeavours are your advantage. In an era of disruption where old models and standards fade away, we are your Basketball Academy. 


Basketball Training Academy

Nothing but us


Passion describes lives, creates communities and writes histories. It breaks the mould, it shakes you from inside, to create something unique. Nothing but us.



... has been creating emotions since 1980


BTA Family. Behind each face, a passion. Behind each life, a story. Fascinating characters who all have one thing in common: a self-confessed unconditional love for basketball.
BTA since 1980 has been telling stories of passion, of victories and challenges that glide across the basketball court and land in the depths of the soul.



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