It takes imperfect training to near perfection for an imperfect game. Players don' t need more realistic dreams, they need a more realistic plan for reaching those dreams.

Programs at BTA - Basketball Training Academy are conceived to suit various types of players and are a combined result of our team members years of experience, and of our ongoing training  in USA and all over the world. We cover the same skills curriculum used within the NBA. We don't just work out athletes but we solve problems and offer solutions.

Rather then train players based on a biased opinion of their abilities, or based on their current role or system in which they play, we prefer to focus on their weaknesses and build their skills one step at a time so they can find their basketball identity. 

The fitness of the future: training with virtual reality.

Hand eye coordination’s development is of the utmost importance, in order to achieve excellent results. Body eye coordination workouts and hand eye coordination workouts.

Virtual reality

Analysing and understanding what are the benchmarks and how to train visual skills

Virtual reality

and hand eye coordination in sports, in some cases even with the use of specific body or hand

Virtual reality

eye exercises, will bring a significant increase in sports performance.

No, you can't download the experience.

BTA Oculo Body Lab

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Players are able to experience the next level of details concerning the benchmarks and how to train visual skills and hand eye coordination in basketball.


Duration: 8 months - € 220/month

BTA IQ & Mental Game Lab

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Focus is just a thought, focus is controllable, focus is a choice. Focus is way more than just concentration.


Duration: 8 months - € 250/month

BTA Pro Program

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Want to maximize your value and start a professional career? We put your talent on the right path.



Duration: 1 / 2  months

BTA Advanced Program

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The Game the more we love it, the more we dream big. We believe in people and in their potential to make the impossible possible.


Duration: 3 / 6 / 9 months

BTA Intermediate Program

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A journey begins with a single step. We believe every journey should start with making sure that your foundations are solid.


Duration: 6 / 9 months