Unexpected stories

There are many situations in our everyday life when we miss a beautiful moment, or in this case a Tea with real Friends, simply because we don't stop and look around, we don't stop and hear. I once read that you can't create a perfect moment but that you will witness them. We only have to stop from time to time and let it happen.



We present our new webinar - web meeting with the very best news and analysis brought to you from all around the world and in-depth commentary on basketball techniques and Wellness-Lifestyle with expert speakers across a wide range of sectors in addition to a passionate campaigning to fight for what’s right.

Throughout the year BTA offers you the opportunity for on-line English language lessons - both English UK and English USA.


Important: we recommend to watch the webinar in Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser on your PC or laptop. That way you will be able to join the live-chat and Q&A session. You can also watch it on your mobile phone but then the chat and Q&A might not work.


For further information Courtesy on-line Office numbers - in the upper part of the screen, yellow colour -  runs 24 hours per day. 


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IQ development

Thursday 2020, April 23
at 07.00pm Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm GMT+1
Event duration 2 hours
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This Thursday on April 23 we will be hosting a webinar about the philosophy of approach to the sport, the fomous IQ and, by extension, to life - Ganon Baker with some drills. In this webinar we will show you how to make use all potential of the mind. There is a limited number of seats available for this webinar so sign up now using the button on the side. At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session where you can ask anything about IQ development that you want to know.

Il Campo

Tuesday 2020, April 7
at 07.00pm Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm GMT+1
Durata dell' evento 30 minuti
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Martedì 7 Aprile ospiteremo un webinar riguardante la lettura del campo, le sue diagonali, angoli e marcatori con rappresentazione grafica. Alla fine e durante il meeting sarà possibile porre domande inerenti l'oggetto del seminario.

In lingua italiana