Authenticity is a word often bastardized and ill-defined. Authenticity alone isn’t sufficient to create a successful Athlete. Authenticity is important, but if you’re authentic and you’re not different then nobody will really care that much. If you’re different but inauthentic then you won’t be credible to people. The magic happens when you can be authentic and true to who you are as person ... as Athlete.

Claudio your personal Trainer

"I change the way you think. I open the doors to all kinds of new possibilities. Every new day is an opportunity. The chance to start a fresh, to find a purpose and discover a brighter way."

with love


James your personal Trainer

"I was a player long before I was a coach; I worked mainly on details, stance and coordination issues. I would not be the coach and the storyteller that I am today without my player background. Basketball is the technical medium which I use to tell your story, but at the end of the day it's the knowledge of the story, it's the understanding of the athlete's behaviour on the court and the deep understanding of the details issues that are at the heart of it. I think that allows me to create stories that are perhaps different, that hopefully get people to stop and think and act and become a new person, an awesome player."

with love


Claudio & James - Your Personal Trainer and Coach to keep on dreaming.

We think the greatest challenge was always to not lose the passion when things didn’t go as expected. We are interested in seeing how each guy builds their personality, their style and their way of expressing themselves, leaving behind the labels that come with conditions and limits. Our future is an extension of what we choose to do now. If we continue to make wrong decisions based on bad or insufficient information, our future may be an undesirable one. It’s our wish to use our basket philosophy to present other or alternative choices to the people, and consequently to contribute to a better future.

We believe guys have big dreams and it's time we start training them at the level of those dreams and give them a true chance of enjoying this great Game. We will not waste time teaching them how to do the most basic and elementary things, so they can succeed in local youth leagues at that age, as that often cements in habits that will all need to be unlearned as they get older ... and it takes a long time to modify them, becoming a fundamental cause of the end of dreams.

Distinctive features, different styles.

The own style is not created by imitation but a wise and designed union of the own qualities with a touch of originality. To be different. Being the result of an 'intentionally unity' creative project. It's the continuous search for uniqueness that makes us special, both in who we are and what we seek.

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