We present you our warm-up pre-game. (we have 3 phases) Better if done barefoot especially Mountain Climber and Spiderman switches since ligaments and tendons are affected.

The benefits can be summarized with the following key points: to prevent injuries, to maintain neuromuscular efficiency. Let's see which exercises can be used at home, usually with very little equipment available or easy to find.

Phase 1: 5' of mobilization, executing 5-10 circles with all the main joints like neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles.

Phase 2: 10' marching on-site with extended arms, alternating with Mountain Climbers on the floor and every 10-15 " repeat some dynamic stretching exercises such as:

  1. Marching
  2. Knee to chest
  3. Mountain Climber
  4. Spiderman switches
  5. Marching
  6. Single leg deadlift
  7. Mountain Climber
  8. Thoracic rotation in 4 points kneeling
  9. Marching
  10. Opposite knee pull
  11. Mountain Climber
  12. Hip flexor lunge with arm reach

It is possible to increase the intensity of the warm-up, by replacing the march with a run, or with some alternating split jumps, always on the spot.