Cristian Alessandro Burgio, San Francesco Asd - Mariano Comense, in partnership with BTA, present in Italy 

'The BTA Lab, a World-class Basketball School'.

Knowing how to read Basketball is knowing how to read life. Everything we are building it is not a game, but lives of future men. The BTA Lab, a world-class basketball school, it’s like you’ve found a missing page from a book, but you don’t know what the book is.

The world-class basketball school,

The BTA Lab, a world-class basketball school is for the freedom seekers, the go getters, the adventurers, the rule breakers, the I want more-ers, who are searching for an all encompassing solution that enables their dreams to become reality. Come and discover our World.

Creation is the birth of something, and something cannot come from nothing. When someone creates something: a painting, a poem, a photograph, a new basketball move, the creativity comes from an idea, from a feeling, from emotion, or from a combination of ideas, feelings and emotions that are somehow ‘reborn' from all our experiences and perspectives. We believe that everyone has his own way of interpreting a sport and this is our way of doing it, our way of conceiving it. What do you think of a sport that takes away the identity and experiences of its protagonists, the Guys, for a coach's ego? We think that the responsibility of coaches is to privilege the authenticity and the “natural beauty” of his Guys.

Naked while fully clothed. That’s the concept behind The BTA Lab. Tha BTA Lab  has a long history of speaking out, and standing up, for the things we believe in. The things can be different if we have the courage to change them. We think an artist’s job, a coach’s job, is to tell their truth from their own perspective. This work is integral to our art, because it’s a big part of how we think about the world. We hope people are motivated to do their part to make the basketball world better. Some coaches aim to present players as static and passive objects, obedient to their command, if you make a mistake you leave the court, creating just empty soul. The BTA Lab offers life and soul, presents a vision that has always been informed by exuberant athletes and fairy-tales that can come true. We never use guys as improbable coat hangers for impossible clothes. We take clothes and create situations where weird and wonderful things do happen. Let’s find the amazing in something that’s simple and human and real … the freedom to be who you are and what you are. That’s the choice; we’re allowed to make choices.

And that's why it looks real: it is real.

The BTA Lab expresses our philosophy,  a philosophy against the tide to the italian standard.

• Players must be taught options over universals, what is effective in the moment, play by play, situation by situation.
• Players must never be trained for a system or a philosophy. Teaching all skills, the opportunity should only support every system and philosophy.
• Players must never be categorized into a position based on their size when it comes to developing their skills. Every player needs to train for every skill.
• Players must never be categorized as a specialist in any way. Having a dominant strength doesn’t mean we can allow dominant weaknesses.
• The skills a player needs to train for must not be determined based on their lack or abundance of athleticism.
• Players must never be taught under strict rules and by what is the “correct” way. Teaching one way of doing something isn’t enough. Multiple habits are needed in order to effectively react to any situation.
• The current condition of a player must never determine the skills a player needs. Potential must be seen in every player.
• Players must never be trained according to their role. Roles are for coaches to give, not for skill coaches. Roles change, skills don’t.
• Players must never be considered naturals in terms of their skills and habits. Work and repetition must always be assumed and assigned.
A player must never be asked to choose Team over Personal development.

For us creativity has always been a matter of 'problem-solving'.

The answer to the question 'how can we create right now?' was to try something new and explore and experiment with his own ways of working. The BTA Lab became the how-to of how-tos. For us creativity has been a balm during this time. What a gift it is to have creativity at a time like this. The BTA Lab paints creativity as a joyous, technicolor antithesis to a drearily dystopian world.

BTA - Basketball Training Academy

Perspective & Possibilities

A light, philosophical, touching reflection on Basketball, the kind of Play which might change the way you look at the world of Basketball. Titled Possibilities, it is a visual collage, narrated by The BTA Lab. If I had to sum up the message, it's that real Basketball is a state of mind. The BTA Lab, to do something entirely new, with exciting repercussions.

BTA - Basketball Training Academy

Connection & Possibilities

In times of crisis, things tend to get very generic. We felt the importance of going against this particular grain. We think people are made to feel comfortable when they are presented with oddness, because they feel less odd themselves ... and we are well-versed in observing, pinpointing and then recreating oddness for our  basketball ... undoubtedly offbeat.

BTA - Basketball Training Academy

Future & Possibilities

We found a way to express emotion without needing to describe it. The BTA Lab interrogates our understanding of labels, and how they are used and misused in contemporary sport culture. Labels are not necessarily bad. They're a tool. But we can't let labels box us unto our own ways of thinking, of doing ... of being. Ask questions, expand your definitions, your vision, move beyond what you thought and learn anew. The future will be all the more exciting, and rewarding, for it. In the real future, anything is possible.

... "... because creativity is adapting and evolving all the time. And while it’s impossible to predict what might come next, you can be sure the world will be watching, rapt." ...


Behind a performance there is always another story, that usually goes unseen. That other story is less glamorous, often hard, lonely and repetitive, but it’s crucial to understanding someone’s creative process.

Edoardo Pozzi - Cantù - Class of 2006 /// Spring 2016