Bored by convention

When you’re a kid, creativity can be found everywhere. If you can retain an ability to find creativity, and therefore humour, in things, to be able to get the giggles, or crack yourself up, or put a funny spin on an otherwise bland or tragic situation, then you are in possession of a valuable, coveted tool that will see you through the difficult, or just boring, times of life. What we hope happens is that our basket opens a door for somebody or gives people licence to do something: to be creative and find something different and go on a different course. Like that thing that kids have, they’re so creative, but then everything is destroyed by the sports clubs and so ... they stop writing poetry. They’ve the order to follow schemes and coach's ego and it just stifles them.

They all have this magic, you know?

You either get it or you don’t.

Maybe that’s why I have my own style, because I never had a book that told me what I need to do and how I need to move. BTA's trying to give the people something beautiful, emotional, highly professional, and maybe put a smile on their face, even just for a moment. We get bored really fast and that’s why our Art is moving fast too, We are trying to get out of our comfort zone as much as we can, because we know things only move forward when you’re not afraid of change.

You have to understand the court if you want to be great.

BTA a space to train Athletes. Guys are trained to use their bodies to communicate something, they spend their lives working with different coaches (we hope) trying to get a point across. So even when they’re surrounded by the public we asks them to improvise, we find Athletes can naturally seize the court and suspend themselves in that space.

Shaping the creative talents worlds of today and tomorrow.

IQ - For the most part, it just needs to be meaningful to you. Harmony of difference ... but I am living what I want to do; I’m living in my creativity and don’t have to be bound by any restrictions ... the only way I can just be who I am, everywhere.

Foot-Work - I’m rarely afforded the opportunity to express myself the way I imagined I would. It’s easy to define a person by the one thing they do well. In the new project 'The BTA Lab',  the multi-faceted creative shows you are got much more up you sleeve: you are not only an ordinary basketball player, but also a point-guard, a small forward, a power forward and a shooting guard ... you will able to play everywhere you want on the court.

Coordination - One of the oldest languages known to man is not categorized by words or sounds, but by movement. The movement, the coordination, has been an intrinsic part of human culture since the dawn of civilisation. The movement is emotional, it’s visceral, a way of conveying understanding between people when there is no other commonality to be shared. And it’s a language that BTA Basketball Training Academy has been exploring throughout its life. The movement is about 'what needs to come out at that moment'.

Here we discuss identity, personality, we talk about ourselves.