Let's change the way we live ...

Out of the global pandemic has come an understanding of how fragile and complex our systems are, but also how our planet and people can benefit if we act collectively with a shared purpose. Now, more than ever, we must double down on our efforts to reinvent the concept of Sport that must offer a 360° training for Guys with sustainability at its heart. We believe that, together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet.

The topics that we will discuss during our Tea Locker-room with our boys:

1. reducing waste

2. Communities

3. food-hall (supporting both local communities and production methods that have a lower impact on the environment.)

4. waste materials

5. ground-breaking ideas in sustainability

6. past events

7. let's change the way we shop

8. saving water

9. forest friendly

10. changing the way we do Sport - a greater attention to the place of my 'education'.