A school that work on the key skills that distinguish The Pros, The Dreamers, from The Amateurs

A world-class basketball school, where facts give meaning to the to words, where creativity live. Thinking right is a skill. Like any other skill "thinking right" can be learned. We created a much more aspirational and inspirational story to tell, not just showing Players how basketball "works" but how creativity happens and how  Alessandro Cristian Burgio, San Francesco Mariano Comense Italia, in partenrship with BTA -  Basketball Training Academy, can help unlock potential. We never talk about basketball, we talk about life. We believe basketball is life. The basketball court seems to be an extension of our life. The street of the Sport is where cultures come together, ideas grow and languages merge. We are changing the way the basketball world moves. Changing the future of basketball, especially in Italy, means daring to think differently.


Basketball School

Programs at this world-class basketball school are conceived to suit various types of players and are a combined result of our team members years of experience, and of our ongoing training  in USA and all over the world. We cover the same skills curriculum used within the NBA. We don't just work out athletes but we solve problems and offer solutions.

Rather then train players based on a biased opinion of their abilities, or based on their current role or system in which they play, we prefer to focus on their weaknesses and build their skills one step at a time so they can find their basketball identity.

Players come from

We don' t consider basketball a vision project towards a hypothetical future, we prefer to be focused on the present and consider it a developing constant vision. Because knowing "how to" is nothing at all, to imagine and working with the emotions is everything. The emotions are in the details. The only way to show the emotions is to create them.