The pursuit of character, an uncompromising philosophy and the obsession with details.

We have a Story, we have a mission, we have expertise

Because the stories that matter most are the ones that become a part of who you are. Because you are who you choose to be. Because I love basketball. Because there is no better way to show others how you see the world. Because I'm always looking for a new emotion. Because Basket is my way to shape the way the world sees me and the way I see the world. Because of the hours that my friends and I spent on the "concrete" floor eating biscuits and caressing new moves. Because having lines and scenes of this "Game" become part of the real life cultural conversation makes you feel happy and connected to everyone. Because ...

Become part of our Story

Every 'picture' we take is part of a bigger story.  We don’t want to pile up shootings, we want to tell 'our Story' with the people we meet and the 'places' we see ...

... and the best way for us is 'grabbing our old camera', hitting the road, seeing 'new things' and doing what we love. This is our world, a world open to all people who are in search of an emotion, an emotion that they have not found yet.

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