Ordinary is pointless, because there is no point in being ordinary in this life and we, from the very start, have never been "ordinary".

We admire those who look past limitations and imagine new possibilities.

The own style is not created by imitation but by a wise and designed union of the own qualities with a touch of originality.


A day in the life


We believe a story can only be told if the user experience allows it to be heard..

BTA, an emotional and creative approach which over time has become our vision and our philosophical outlook..


The Story of a Journey


The Excellence. The frame as an Art form.

Locker room moment. The pursuit of character, an uncompromising philosophy and obsession with details.


The Story of a Journey


I don't wanna wake up if this is a dream.

When I was little, I absolutely loved the NBA Basketball books. Back then, I was fascinated with them  because they allowed me to interact with the story itself.  I was  not  just reading the story, I became the story, a force that pushed the characters along their journey.

The Story of a Journey


The colours of my youth.

So, I set my pencil to paper and began to sketch a world where I would take a journey, a journey trigged by a tiny event, a spark, that unleashed a fantastic story ... "the story of my adolescence".


I loved every second of it. Was like watching a child grow into an adult. It wasn't an easy task. But it is one that I am proud to say I was a part of.