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Focus is just a thought, focus is controllable, focus is a choice. Focus is way more than just concentration.


Duration: 8 months - € 250/month

We strongly believe that BTA is a concrete place of opportunities

BTA IQ & Mental Game Lab. A moment to come in and learn the ins and outs of skill enhancement concerning IQ and Mental Game. A 8 months-long proven complete player program with over 45 individual skills. You can also develop a relationship and mentorship with your Personal Trainer to help guide you on your personal basketball journey.

Every drill is purposeful and includes teaching points to help players elevate their skills and basketball IQ. [Basketball IQ is a combination of instincts and the ability to adapt to any situation.] While it may not directly add points to the board, it does affect the game and helps teams win. The best players usually have a high basketball I.Q., and if they don't, their game eventually falls apart with time.

Our legal department will create a contract agreement and send it to the player with 24 hours.

For further information about the program, please contact:

IT [+39] 338 912 0541

UK [+44] 7742 712 863

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