BTA, because the most meaningful journeys last longer than a trip, they last a lifetime.

"I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid, a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no or where to go or say we are only dreaming ..." ... [Ref. Walt Disney]


Every new day is an opportunity. The chance to start a fresh, to find a purpose and discover a brighter way. We are in the business of making the world a better place to live by investing in new ideas and people.  We are imagining sport academies shapeing the future and together finding out just how far we can go. Because we see a world that’s ready for changing and what we do today can make a world of difference. And above all we never loose sight of what is important. What makes human. It is about love, respect, it is about trust, it is about ... us. This is BTA. We are changing today for a better tomorrow. That’s our purpose. That’s a brighter way.


The pillars of our program are:

  • training and education: to support education and youth development providing growth opportunities and addressing the economic and social challenges  creating pathways through real opportunity.
  • to create a comprehensive "health and wellness" platform that encourage physical and mental well-being fro fans of all ages. [Health and wellness]
  • to encourage sportsmanship by highlighting the importance of fair play and respect both within and outside the court. [Code of Conduct]


Every picture we take is part of a bigger Story. We don't want to pile photographs, we want to tell our Story with the people we meet and the places we see, chasing Stories to tell when we are old, and the best way for us is grabbing the moment, creating new things and doing what we love.

BTA is committed to providing inspiration and opportunity for today's youth to create the future they imagine by contributing time, materials and resources. Some of the pathways made with our Guys and for our Guys and community: 

Inspiring action - Never still


Our time


Our Time

We are committed to strengthening communities by dedicating our time and talent to communities helping guys through school, english and italian language, micro and macro economy, business administration and more. We encourage guys to be pioneers and adventures, looking at the world around them with curiosity and wonder. We engage our guys with activities that challenge them to think outside the box, developing problem-solving skills around questions that focus on stem priciples.


Music Studio


Music Studio

Music takes you away from reality, from everyday life and allow you to enjoy the intimate emotions that only music can give. Among unique and indescribable moments, alone or with friends, the  music creates a magical atmosphere that deserves to be lived in the best possible way. A music studio for our guys, a simple beauty, a sincere smile and a sound track to link in background words and emotions.




BTA Gym & Book Club

A gathering place to exchange ideas and build relationships, shaping the dreams, discussing around some of the most beloved books in the world. We enhanced the Clubs during 2017-2019 by hosting Author's and Coach's Talk events, where we invited personalities from different fields  for candid conversation. [Basketball, Wellness and Health, Nutrition, The future of work, Meditation and much more]

Ancient future. The future is a door, the past is its key.

It is incredibly silent in here, then a shadow of a guy appears, along with his soul. Behind his eyes and inside his heart there is a world of pain, fear and darkness. If you wanted, you could really understand what he feels inside ...


New storytellers


Next generation of storytellers

That feeling of regret, loneliness, and emptiness you have. You’re trying to fill the emptiness with something or someone, you start partying, probably taking drugs, to forget about the reality. That’s right, you could take that feeling of emptiness and see it as a positive thing, create something and probably get over it. Sure, you could think that’s what art is about. You can transform your reality through art, but then, when the effects have worn off, you realize everything is fake. Every brain has its universe, its own way of perceiving dreams, sounds and images. So one of our intentions is to take this dreamlike world, and make it real. We are working with experts in social care to reimagine the patient experience in centre, [CPS, SIMEE, CRT]  and outside, for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We use Sport as a medicine.


Head Office


Sports venue

We opened 3 locations in the world, UK - England, USA - Virginia, IT because we believe that the best stories are those that showcase the diversity of the wider world and reflect our community. In the world, emotions are far too underrepresented. We mostly talk about love, anger or sadness, but there is so much more. We like to explore this in our game. It' s this feeling of void where everything can happen, but you don't know what. We don't know if our vision really is the one, but we see thing differently, really. We think the greatest challenge was always to not lose the passion when things didn't go as expected. It's  not easy trying to achieve your dreams, but over time, we realized that although it's a longer road, we can do it ... and it's super gratifying.


Our Books


Four books, our life

The power of the Game is that it allows you to project your own hopes and dreams onto it, it’s constantly full of possibility, which means it’s limitless. You can bring yourself into the Game because there isn’t an absolute truth telling you you are wrong, also lets you bring in your own ideas, dreams, or imagination and make this your own. The Game is not only about playing basketball, the Game is also about respecting who you are, where you are coming from and appreciating the people around you. It’s not our aim to be successful. Maybe we will get to whatever people perceive as being success, but it’s not our aim to be successful, it’s our aim to create successful and memorable lives. We're going back to learn who we were before we lost our way.


We have been engaged in a thoughtful community outreach process to better understand the wants and needs of our neighbours. Through years of above-board dialogue, we have been able to design and build a world that it's a point of reference for our community.


Investing in Youth and Education, health and wellness, violence prevention.

As designers we are socially responsible towards the community and our Guys.


"Go about doing good until there's too much good in the world."


Tell us what you think.

We are deliberate in working closely with our neighbors to pursue projects that strengthen the community we call home ... a vibrant world. Send us your comments or thoughts about it. We love hearing your feedback and connecting with people.

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