We were inspired by the "Greaters" and the values that distinguished their life: dreaming, imagination, intuition and foresight, the ability to interpret the here and now without ever losing the sense of concrete reality, placing substance before appearances, the importance of daily work and of moving forward by small and carefully steps.


There are storie that leave an indelible mark and persist over time


Basketball Training Academy
Tell me and I' ll forget, Show me and I' ll remember, Involve me and I' ll understand.
Basketball Training Academy


A book ... a story, our story


We know it' s not always easy to get here. But trust us, it' s even harder to make yourself want to leave. A unique opportunity for the guys to be immersed into an environment of elite athletic training. Training in italian language in UK and USA and English language in IT. For any question please contact Kevin on



complexity, great talent, soul ...

... they take you away from reality, from everyday life and allow you to enjoy the intimate emotions that only them can give. They create a magical atmosphere that deserves to be experienced in the best possible way. "Award" is based on guy's school performance, morality, human values, athleticism or other qualities or abilities. It is designed to encourage Athletes to continuously improve their qualities and moral philosophy.


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Customized monthly workout program.

Beyond expectation

Membership 2020 - 2021

Knowledge and emotions

BTA - Basketball Training Academy
To stimulate creativity, to imagine the future. Per stimolare la creatività, per immaginare il domani.
Beyond expectation

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BTA - Basketball Training Academy
Open to all Athletes & Friends of BTA. Aperto a tutti gli Atleti e Amici di BTA.