I believe that storytelling is an art. I dedicate my energy to make Stories that people want to share rather than make people want to share stories.

Claudio Ciceri, founder of BTA

"Our future is an extension of what we choose to do now."

Claudio - Il fondatore


Don't judge a book by its cover, unless it's a portfolio. It should be easy for someone to look at my portfolio ... some nice words ... and understand what I made, why I made it, how I did it, and how it exists, and lives, in the world. I tell my story in the way I present it ...

I have devoted my life to do what nobody else does, to chase after the wind, always questioning why things are the way they are ... this is me. The basketball in USA was part of my project since the very beginning. I needed to work within a historical landmark, in Basketball Story, an awesome world. New starts are always rough, like all beginnings, especially for somebody like me who likes doing things back to front. I like to go against the tide. My guys are the best asset BTA has and they are a part of me. Every part of my team is encouraged to think, and challenge the status quo, and I love celebrating my guys’ creative ideas, therefore our creativity is given by everyone's ingenuity. The key is to do things differently, not to only let the amount of anything guide us - but to research each guy in his depth. And not only to be satisfied and let him be, let him grow, to never say this is it, because the best legacy we can leave behind us are the values ​​that help others find future success and only then will we feel a strong sense of success. Coaching is a job that keeps on teaching new things to you everyday. My guys are the guys of uniqueness and a way of being. I have always wanted to make an athlete free, free to interpret the basket between the tangible and the imaginary with eyes that are not clouded by stereotypes and move beyond the static appearance of things, made him what he is. Sometimes I've run the risk of crashing, destroying and exploding ...  but that's the way I am. The concept of imperfection is my basketball hallmark. My basketball is a living image of my personality and if somebody wants to get to know me let him try my basketball, its own peculiarities, my skills ... and he will. 


 [At the end on "the day", I hire the human, not just a game skill.]


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