More than a team, it is a philosophy.


I allow myself the luxury of never being satisfied. The top is not enough ... in that satisfaction leads to failure.




Over the years we have learned from, and been influenced by, many individuals. We would like to acknowledge and give a public praising to the following coaches:  

A special praising to:

Claudio who told us about friendship, watched the game take hold of us, and gave us our first taste of true basketball. Who continues to make time to answer every text, take every call, support our endeavours, and always walks with us to celebrate a journey we could never have imagined. 

and to:

Jim Shannon, Ganon Baker, Greg Kampe, Micah Lancaster, Joe Wootten, Ed Tseng, Phil Martelli, Keith Dambrot, Bo Ryan, Rick McGuire, Hubie Brown, Larry Shyatt, Matt Woodley, John Pigatti, Craig Doly, George Barber for their invaluable tips.

Alain Stein, Claudio Ciceri, Damon Collins, James Davis, Jeff Moore, Joshua Dekker, Kyle Stevens, Mathieu Dupont, Nathan O’Brien, Nicholas Akesson for contributing drills and for their continued support both on and off the floor. 

Adrien Royer, Kevin Patterson and Stefan Jensen for their continued web-site support and the management of all teams.  

All of our Coaches throughout these years.

All of our Clients and the entire "Chris & Aaron UK - Basketball Training Academy" Family for trusting and believing in us.  


Thank you all for your support, we love you all


With love

Chris & Aaron