That is probably all that matters about us. Anything other than this would sound as if we are trying too hard to pretend  that we are who we are, and answering questions that you haven't even asked.

To those who has always believed in our way of looking at the Game and has gone beyond the ordinary, at our first Friend who called us to give us an advice and  to those who still do it today. To those who simply tells us good. To those who has criticized and has helped us grow, to those who has said finally, making us feel a little special. To those who has opened their home/life to let us take a photo and to all the staff who fights every day with new techniques and with the difficulties hidden behind this Game. To those who knows that a great and true Coach makes the difference and to those who believes that the Game goes beyond the simplicity of the basketball court.

Thank you.

See now, we have found another way of enjoying the sport we so love through the eyes of the players by capturing videos or images of them in action that conveys the story. We get to tell you a story that will never die ... but inspire.

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What I think is often overlooked is the emotional side of something.

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The life feeds off from instant, making them immortal, unique, eternal.


We may not look like a Basketball Club, think like a Basketball Club or act like a Basketball Club, but that's because we've never been interested in just being a Basketball Club. We started BTA because we wanted to make a difference.

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Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those of us who are doing it.

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They say we

We look for values fit, not culture fit, and are always looking for athletes to make us different and better. There is no such thing as "self taught" directly or indirectly, everybody learns from someone. We work to be active "teachers" and active "learners".

The fitness of the future: training with virtual reality
Hand eye coordination’s development is of the utmost importance, in order to achieve excellent results. Body eye coordination workouts and hand eye coordination workouts.
Virtual reality


Analysing and understanding what are the benchmarks and how to train visual skills

Virtual reality


and hand eye coordination in sports, in some cases even with the use of specific body or hand

Virtual reality


eye exercises, will bring a significant increase in sports performance.

We have a Story, we have a mission, we have expertise


Because the stories that matter most are the ones that become a part of who you are. Because you are who you choose to be. Because I love basketball. Because there is no better way to show others how you see the world. Because I'm always looking for a new emotion. Because Basket is my way to shape the way the world sees me and the way I see the world. Because of the hours that my friends and I spent on the "concrete" floor eating biscuits and caressing new moves. Because having lines and scenes of this "Game" become part of the real life cultural conversation makes you feel happy and connected to everyone. Because ...

We make good players great players

The story of a journey into the heart of the Game and the Court has become the journey into the soul of BTA, as well as a way to demonstrate our pursuit of Passion, in more than just words.

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Architects of Emotions

Being architecture an artistic profession, and since creativity is one of, if not the most important ingredient, it is logical to think that it could be also affected by our emotions. BTA - Basketball Training Academy, the role of emotion in an Architecture of Mind.

We are Chris & Aaron and we welcome you inside "Chris & Aaron UK - Basketball Training Academy".