The emotion of discovery

If doesn' t matter what your skill is, it' s all about your storey, whether you have been a great success in ball or had many ups/downs or even that you have struggled about even finding somewhere to play. All that we ask is that you come with a good attitude and ready to have lots of fun. From up and coming basketball players to first time players, we want to show you the world of basketball and let you be part of Chris & Aaron UK - Basketball Training Academy.



You can "photograph" anything in a million of different ways, but what we always try "to photograph" is a memory ... an amazing memory.


- If you approach the basketball world for the first time, it' s simply required commitment, character, passion, creativity and fantasy.

- If you have been playing basketball for over 2 years, it' s required, commitment, character, passion, creativity, fantasy,  a standard knowledge of  Ball Handling [exercises with 1 - 2 balls], Footwork Foundation, Aggressive Feet, Primary Shooting principles, Passing, Possess fourteen triple threats, Finishing the play.

- If you have been playing basketball for over 3 years, it' s required, commitment, character, passion, creativity, fantasy,  conoscenza intermedia di Ball Handling [exercises with 2 - 4 balls], Footwork, Shooting, [Trasition, Off Screen, Off the drible, from triple Threat, Off the Drop, Fakes, Out of High/Mid Post] Situations, Passing, Scoring.

- If you have been playing basketball for over 4 years, it' s required, commitment, character, passion, creativity, fantasy,  an advance knowledge of Ball Handling [exercises with 3 - 6 balls], Footwork, Shooting, Movement, IQ and Mental Game.


Tests required for evaluation


Technical attribute Offense


Ball Handling -  Gestione della palla

Close shot - Tiro da vicino

Lay up - Sottomano

Dunk - Schiacciata

Mid range - Tiro dalla media distanza

Mid range off dribble - Tiro m. distanza. no palleggio 

Passing - Passaggio

Post moves - Movimento con / senza palla

Post scoring - Punti in entrata

Rebounding - Rimbalzo

3 points - Tiro da 3 punti

Tackling - Contrasto

Technique - Tecnica


Technical attributes Defense


Block - Stoppata / Blocco

Perimeter D - Perimetro difesa

Post D - Post difensore

Passing lanes - Linea di passaggio

Steal - Recupero palla


Mental attributes


Aggression - Aggressività

Anticipation - Anticipo

Concentration - Concentrazione

Confidence - Fiducia

Creativity - Creatività

Decision - Decisione

Determination - Determinazione

Positioning - Posizione

Teamwork - Lavoro di squadra

Toughness - Ostinazione

Work rate - Ritmo di lavoro

Vision - Visione


Physical attributes


Acceleration - Accelerazione

Agility - Agilità

Balance - Equilibrio / Coordinazione

Vertical - Elevazione

Natural fitness - Condizione atletica

Pace - Ritmo

Speed - Velocità

Stamina - Resistenza

Strenght - Forza



Dare to be naive. Each of us lives a life that expresses who we are, reacts to the world around us, shows our passions, reflects our deep river of feeling and being.



- Any kind of "illogical" is not allowed in here. [BTA is an environment that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and expect participants to refrain from their use at all events].

- Not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct.

- Not engage in any behavior, which would endanger the health, safety, or well being of player, spectator or any other attendee.



- Understand the coach and BTA team philosophy. If you don't know the goals of the team ask them to be explained at the first meeting of the season.

- Support players, but do not coach the players from the stands. It confuses others, and undermines the efforts of the coach.

- Report to the BTA coach all injuries, special medical conditions, such as asthma or extenuating circumstances, such as lack of sleep or family crisis, that may affect the player in any form.


Please forward any questions to  or call [+44] 7742 712 863 or [+44] 7522 627 100