It is incredibly silent in here, then a ...

The Life, the Sport and its Stercus

Basketball Training Academy - UK USA IT
Dimension cm. 21 x 15 - 131 colour pages - Author: Claudio Ciceri
ITA and ENG Language
A book, a story ... my story
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The courage to open the doors to others, to get naked in face of the World, to fight without fear, and to be able to be roughly yourself, without anaesthesia.

Translation Kevin Patterson, Adrien Roger

Art Director Aaron Davidson, Dennis Mac Andrew, Stefan Jensen

Graphic Designer Chris Van Loon, James Davis, Nicholas Akesson

It's incredibly silent in here, then a shadow of a Guy appears, along with his soul. Behind his eyes and inside his heart there is a world of pain, fear and darkness. If you wanted, you could really understand what he feels inside ... the breath becomes short. You heard his story between your fingers.

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